Designing for the web is a lot different than designing for print. So before you put pen to paper, or in the web world, pixels to screen it's important to explore these differences. Kane Baker, a Digital Designer at DE explores his 8 tips when designing for the web.

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Picture this, you're a proud parent (or Grandparent) and you're standing in front of your child's beautiful artwork at their schools art exhibition. You then hold up your mobile device to their masterpiece and a video of your child giving their quick summary of their artwork appears on your device!

Suddenly, you transported into your child's mind who provides you with an overview of their artwork and how they came up with the idea for their creation!  Amazing stuff!

Well this become a reality at Bendigo's Girton Grammar Schools Junior Art Exhibition, where in true Girton Grammar style, pushed the boundaries to create a very innovative "School Art Exhibition" using Augmented Reality.

The Interactive Display was result of the collaboration and commitment of some amazing work and dedication of staff from Girton Grammar Schools Junior School and star work experience students Yasmin and Callam of Design Experts!

The massive task of augmented 400 pieces of student artwork was achieved and delivered to the amazement of parents (and grandparents) in a bold attempt to take the Art Exhibition to a new level!

Aurasma was the chosen tool to complete the task. Aurasma is a very popular and easy to use Augmented Reality App which schools can use to begin their Augmented Reality journey.

Tim Gentle, DE’s Captain was honoured to officially open the Art Exhibition and discussed how new digital channels like Augmented Reality will shape the world we live in.

As part of the demo, Tim had the Principle of the Junior School Don Thompson hold up an iPhone to the back of his Tshirt which triggered the print of the DE TV on his TShirt to turn on (aka Augment). The Parents, students and staff were amazed at the possibilities when Tim described that anything can be Augmented.

He finished off by explaining that once society has access to wearables like "glasses", you will be able to walk up to artwork in a Gallery and have the artwork augment directly through the glasses, rather than holding up a mobile device.

For more information on Augmented Reality, contact DE to discuss how you can incorporate it within your communication mix. 1300 85 25 82 or

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