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Google Adwords Campaign Management

PPC - What is it?

Pay Per Click advertising (aka PPC or Adwords), is a fast, effective way to get targeted leads and sales from the web. The concept is as it seems; you pay Google, Yahoo or Bing every time a customer clicks on your ad placed in the paid section of search results.

The best part about PPC is that you choose which keyword phrases to use and the maximum price to pay for clicks, and only pay for what you budget.

Websites listed in paid results (yellow section) often show up in the top of mobile searches and are the first ads potential customers see.

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How Does It Work With Us?

At DE, we like to work with our customers and educate you on Adwords to take control of your online marketing.


As PPC is competitive, we’ll do the research to find the best keywords and recommend the right budget that will bring you true ROI. Our team have worked with multiple industries and know PPC back-to-front.


Our specialists are Google Accredited and will design ads that are unique to your business, targeted and will make visitors want to click for more. Each call to action is developed to take users to a great landing page; which we’ll make sure is fit for conversion.


We’ll set up campaigns, hit go and continually monitor all ads to give you ultimate success. With real-time reporting, we can effectively manage your account and budget, and you’ll see exactly where your ad spend is going.

We talk about some pretty interesting stuff!

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